Planning a Southern Vacation? Visit These 5 Unique Luxury AirBnBs

Leah in relaxation

Time to read: 2 mins Need a Vacation? Are you planning a southern vacation? I suggest you visit these unique luxury AirBnBs. You already know, no one does hospitality like the South.  I just love a relaxing getaway in a fabulous Airbnb!  I’m hosting The Tea As the new host of Southern Living’s YouTube shows The Tea, I am giving […]

Last minute Valentine’s Day Gifts You Need in 2021

leah gibson

Time to read: 3 mins I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I haven’t nailed down a Valentine’s Day gift, and I’m on some very “last minute” energy this week. My Amazon list has you covered! My first thought was to search Google to get some ideas, and then I realized that I couldn’t wait on standard shipping in COIVD times. […]

HBO Fake Famous – A new take on 2021 influencer marketing

HBO Fake Famous Graphic

Time to read: 4 mins HBO Fake Famous – Social Media and Influencer Marketing Opinion: Here’s a new take on HBO’s social experiment documentary ‘Fake Famous’… it opened my eyes to another side of social media and the harsh reality that I’ve been comparing my success as an aspiring influencer to the success of people who have been playing this game […]

10 years to Change the Narrative

leah gibson

Time to read: 3 mins “Go laugh in the places you have cried. Change the narrative.”  –Seconds Apart  The Places…The Story There are times in life when something shakes you to the core. As time goes by, any reminders of this moment will create ripple effects of trauma. From a familiar aroma to an unpleasant phrase, sometimes just being in […]

Your 2020 Guide to Black Friday and Christmas Shopping on Amazon

Merry Xmas

Time to read: 3 mins I used Amazon to create a few holiday/every day wish lists so you wouldn’t have to, and I think you’re going to love them! Use this list before, during, and even after Black Friday to get Christmas gifts for your entire crew. If you haven’t started Christmas shopping, what are you doing? With the pandemic […]

Voting in 2020

kamala harris speech

Time to read: 4 mins I voted for Madam Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris because she represents ‘every woman.’ *cue Whitney Houston*  “Whatever you want, whatever you need Anything you want done, baby I’ll do it naturally ‘Cause I’m every woman (every woman) It’s all in me, it’s all in me, yeah!” – Whitney Houston, I’m Every Woman  I first learned […]

Why I’m not afraid to get older: A new mindset for life after 25 for a Millenial

Leah in Orange

Time to read: 6 mins I’m 26 in the city small-town Mississippi I look forward to growing and glowing in abundance every trip I take around the sun. In the twenty-five years that I’ve lived on this earth, I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve also realized how quickly we turn into our mothers (let’s laugh to keep from crying […]