10 years to Change the Narrative

leah gibson

Time to read: 3 mins “Go laugh in the places you have cried. Change the narrative.”  –Seconds Apart  The Places…The Story There are times in life when something shakes you to the core. As time goes by, any reminders of this moment will create ripple effects of trauma. From a familiar aroma to an unpleasant phrase, sometimes just being in […]

BET’s Twenties: What IF

twenties poster

Time to read: 3 mins “What if for a whole day we acted like Todd’s? What if we walked into every room like we belonged there? What if we took up space? What if we made sure our ideas were heard?” Twenties, Ep. 7 A few months ago, I stumbled upon a series called Twenties. I wasn’t sure what I […]

New Year: Start of Something New 2021

Leah Gibson

Time to read: 2 mins 2021 Happy New Year! & Happy first day of Black History Month! I had this crazy idea to join a consistency challenge for influencers, but I’m not technically an influencer… more like, aspiring.  I could have joined the Instagram challenge, but if we’re being honest, going all in on Instagram still kind of terrifies me. About […]